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ஏர்செல் நெட்வொர்க்கில் இன்டர்நெட் இணைப்பது எப்படி AIRCEL INTERNET

Aircel GPRS | MMS | WAP Settings | Pocket Internet
Automatic settings:

Aircel Pocket Internet Service

To use the AIRCEL Pocket Internet facility you need to download the GPRS setting of AIRCEL
By sending an SMS "PI" to 121
You will receive the settings. You can save it as a default setting on your handset. This service will only work on GPRS/ WAP enabled handsets. After you've save d the setting, the pocket internet page gets saved as default page in your Web Browser.

To Enable MMS services

To start using MMS service, you need to send an SMS  "PI" to 121 to get the setting for MMS and save it on your mobile handset. For details of the sms, please contact customer care - 121  

Manual Configuration:

Pocket Internet Manual Configuration for Nokia Mobiles: 
Connection Name : Aircel Online
Homepage :
User Name :Blank
Password :Blank
APN (Access Point Name) :aircelgprs
Open Access Point Setting
Proxy:Enabled or Use no proxy
Proxy address :
port :8081
Data Bearer : GPRS or Packet Data

Pocket Internet Manual Configuration for Sony Ericsson Mobiles: 
go to main menu>settings>connectivity>data communication>data accounts>new accounts>gprs then proceed as follows
Connection Name : pocket internet
apn : aircelgprs or aircelwap
username :blank
password :blank
then save it and again go to main menu>settings>connectivity>datta communication>internet settings>internet profile>new profile and proceed as follows
name :pocket internet
connect using:pocket internet
use proxy:yes
proxy address:


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